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Hopefully you already read my pieces about what you should look for in a home inspector, how to find the best Cincinnati home inspector for you, seller home inspections, first time home buyer inspections and other important articles on the Drake Home Inspections blog. If so, you already have the basics as to training, education, certification, and report style. You should have been able to weed out a bunch of inspectors. So why should you call me?

What Sets Drake Inspections Apart From Other Home Inspection Companies?

I am typically on site for a couple of ss-drake-bio-headshothours before my clients (you) arrive. One of my first questions is “What are your expectations?” Many home inspectors feel they just need to identify defects. That is obviously part of it, but I believe it is important to know how those defects match up with your expectations. Do you expect the home to be so perfect that the slots in all of the switch-plate screws run vertically? (Seen it.) Or do you think anything better than outdoor plumbing is sufficient? Likely you are in between. Are you coming from a new home, old home, or no home? Are you a worrier? Do you have resources to help with things that might need to be repaired? In an older home, do you see floors that slope and door frames that are parallelograms instead of rectangles as defects? Or do you see them as “charm”? Knowing your perspective is important for us to be able to discuss my findings, and to rate their significance with regards to your house inspection.

We Spend A Lot Of Time With Our Clients

Many of my inspector contemporaries say I spend too much of my time with my clients. I do spend a lot of time going over everything and trying to answer every question. As is often said, a home is the biggest purchase you will likely ever make. You have a vision of you and your family living there. There is excitement and anticipation, along with some trepidation, about what might do wrong that could turn this dream into a nightmare. So yes, I do spend a lot of time with you to help you deal with all of those emotions, and to give you the information you seek.

Knowledge Is Power – We Educate

If I weren’t a home inspector, I would be a teacher. For one thing, I strongly value education and continued learning, not only in school, but also in my career. And second, I would be one because teachers help people learn new things, and understand things that may not be readily apparent. In a house inspection, everyone knows why a leaking sink is a problem. However what about a GFCI? An inspection report might say simply “These receptacles should be GFCI protected.” But on site and in my report, I would rather give my client a brief (one sentence) explanation of how a GFCI works and why they are important to their safety. If requested, I am happy to go into more detail, but I want my client to understand the home they are considering and the components that are important. And the good news is that unlike a teacher, I won’t give you a test at the end of class.

Most evenings I do the Sudoku, the Jumble, the Cryptoquip and whatever part of the Crossword Puzzle that my wife has left for me. It is just part of my nature. I like puzzles, understanding how things go together, and figuring things out. In a home inspection some defects are obvious – a sink leaks or a circuit breaker in the panel is double-tapped. But often it is just the symptoms that you see, and it is important to determine the cause. Say it’s a water stain. Water will travel a surprising distance along a roof rafter. It could be a roof issue ten or twenty feet from the stain. Or it could be condensation on a water pipe or HVAC duct. Or the bathroom fans may exhaust into the attic instead of out side. All can cause that water stain. A while back I inspected a building that originally had a flat roof. They left it in place, and added trusses and structure to make it a gable roof. But they didn’t insulate it the right way, and it created a large plenum with no ventilation. The result? Lots of condensation and water stains on the ceiling tiles throughout the building. It wasn’t a bad roof – the easy assumption. The point is, just identifying a defect is important, but it is not enough. I hate puzzles that are not solved. Speaking of water damage, did you know I provide Thermal Imaging Inspections?

Communication Between Home Inspector And Client

It is one thing to be able to identify defects and deficiencies, and it is another to be able to clearly describe them, explain their significance, and make recommendations for how to address them. This applies to both verbal conversation on site, and written narrative of the report. I work very hard to clearly communicate my findings with you, so you will understand your home and its condition.

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