Looking For The Best Cincinnati Home Inspector?

So you’re needing a home inspection….

If you are looking to buy a home in Cincinnati, most likely you will also be looking for a Cincinnati home inspector. If you aren’t, you should definitely reconsider.

Why You Should Hire A Home Inspector

Sure, you are most likely very excited, and maybe even nervous, to purchase your home – whether you are a first time home buyer or a veteran of purchasing many residential properties. So maybe you think you know your way around a home. But keep in mind, there are certain aspects of the house that are hard for just anybody to inspect. Getting on a roof is dangerous. Viewing electrical wiring in a detailed manner can be complex (and yes, also dangerous). Are you familiar with construction and building standards and uncovering “fixes” a previous home owner made that could potentially be hazardous? A home inspector can help with these things.

How To Find The Best Cincinnati Home Inspector?

There are many great home inspectors in the Cincinnati area. So how do you find the best one? Well, in our area, a home inspector does not need to be licensed. Because of that, just about anybody can slap a sign on their truck, make some business cards, and call themselves, “the best Cincinnati home inspector”. Luckily, there are some questions you can ask when searching for home inspectors:

How long have you been inspecting homes?

Are you InterNACHI certified?

Do you include termite inspections?

Do you offer thermal imaging?

Do you offer radon testing?

What kind of inspection report do you provide?

Do you allow your clients to be with you during the home inspection?

Choosing From Home Inspectors in Cincinnati

Definitely do some research: check online, ask your friends and check with your realtor. That said, just because you get one referral of a great home inspector, doesn’t mean it’s the right home inspector for you! Even if you get terrific answers to your questions, one of the biggest intangibles may be how you personally interact with your prospective home inspector. When calling on multi-inspector firms, you don’t necessarily know which inspector you will get. In addition, some home inspection companies use a service for taking appointments – it means you don’t get to talk directly to an inspector, and you may get steered into some up-sells that don’t even pertain to the property you are interested in! This is why having a conversation is so important in helping you determine how well you will work together. Call a few – ask them some questions and see what they say. This is possibly the largest purchase you will ever make – take the time to do some homework and talk to the person who will be looking at the investment – your Cincinnati home inspector!

When you call Drake Inspections, you talk with Steve Smith – the owner, who is also the inspector who will work with you on your property. So, if you are interested in learning more about how Drake Inspections handles the actual inspection, the follow up report and how we communicate with our valued clients, call Drake Inspections today at 513.658.5420 or use the contact form to reach out – we spend time with our clients and we are happy to spend time answering your questions and work to be the best home inspector in Cincinnati FOR YOU!

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