Cincinnati Home Inspections For Buyers

This is the biggest single purchase you will ever make, so while you are looking for the best home inspector, ask them how the inspection results will be delivered to you.There is no reason you should accept a check-the-box report, handed to you as the inspector walks out the door. That report doesn’t tell you what you want and need to know.

Home Inspection Reports That Tell A Story

My home inspection report is a “narrative” report, one written in descriptive, paragraph form. For any deficiency identified – whether it concerns electrical, wood destroying insects like termites, or foundation issues, there will be embedded photographs, a written description of the issue, an explanation of how critical or benign the deficiency is, the potential impact of not correcting it at this time, and the degree of difficulty of correcting it.

Cincinnati Home Inspections For Buyers – It’s A No Brainer

Demand a home inspection report that will give you all of the information you need to make a confident, educated decision about going forward with the purchase. Ensure your dream home ends up being a dream. While a seller home inspection may not be needed for every home sale (although it is quite helpful for many reasons), a buyer home inspection is, as I wrote above, a “no brainer”.

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