Seller Home Inspection In Cincinnati

Why Should You Get A Seller Home Inspection?

Take control of the negotiation and help a buyer fall in love with your home. If you are selling your home, ignorance is not bliss. Don’t wait for the buyer’s home inspector to find your home’s flaws and problems. Arm yourself going in with your own seller home inspection.

Repair Issues That Will Be Found During A Home Inspection

Generally homes have a handful of small flaws which are inexpensive and easy to correct. It is a good investment to repair those small issues. The home’s condition will impress the buyers and the buyers’ inspector.

But what if my inspection identifies a larger problem? It would have been found by the buyers’ inspector. And then you would have been confronted with it, generally with little time to gather information and make an informed decision. At that point, you are reacting to the buyer. By learning about it through a home seller inspection, you will have time to gather information you need and consider your options. You can get estimates and decide if you want to correct it or not.

Seller Home Inspections Help With Price Negotiations

By the time the buyers have their inspection, you and the buyers will have negotiated a price for your home. And if the buyers’ inspector’s report finds flaws, the buyer will often want to renegotiate the price. But my seller home inspection will have already found the small issues – and you will have made the wise investment to repair them. If my inspection identified a larger problem and it has been corrected, there is no opening for the buyer to want to renegotiate.

If you have not repaired that larger item, you are prepared for the buyer when buyers’ inspector discovers it. You can respond truthfully: “We are aware of that issue. We have estimates to correct it which we can share with you. We decided to not make the repairs, but instead, we set our price to reflect the cost to make the repair.”

No surprises. No hectic, uninformed decisions. No surrendering control of the negotiation. Just a knowledgable seller home inspection that allowed you to be prepared for a smoother home sale transaction.

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