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There are plenty of Home Inspectors in Cincinnati Ohio. When you are about to purchase your new home, you may be given many referrals for residential home inspectors in the area – from your realtor, your home loan officer, or even friends and family.

Detailed Cincinnati Home Inspector – Certified by InterNACHI

Drake Inspections is certified by the InterNACHI, which is the International Association of Home Inspectors. This is a very important designation as they are the world’s largest organization of residential and commercial property inspectors. InterNACHI sets the Standards of Practice for home inspections and has established a Code of Ethics that define what a high-quality home inspector will do when making an inspection of your property. Learn more about the importance of InterNACHI.

The Importance of Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal Imaging, also called Infrared Imaging, will identify moisture that has entered into the home by way of leaks in the roof and other areas. Hidden roof leaks, plumbing pipe leaks, missing or wet insulation and water intrusion around structural members and at the foundation can be identified. Thermal Imaging is an advanced camera technology that assists home inspectors in finding problems that may not be discovered by traditional inspection methods. Drake Inspections offers this technology to all of our customers. Learn more about Thermal Imaging technology.

Detailed Home Inspection Report

Drake Inspections provides a “narrative” report, one written in descriptive, paragraph form. For any deficiency identified, there will be embedded photographs, a written description of the issue, an explanation of how critical or benign the deficiency is, the potential impact of not correcting it at this time, and the degree of difficulty of correcting it. Learn more about Drake Inspections.

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