3 Important Issues A Home Inspector Looks For During The Inspection

A home inspector is concerned about finding as many issues as they can during a home inspection, but three issues are considered to be especially important. These three are important because they can be costly to fix, and they may have resulted in damage to the home – or they may cause damage to the property soon. The homeowner may not realize that these issues even exist, which is why it may take the highly trained eye of a reputable home inspector, such as Drake Inspections of Cincinnati, to find and review them.

Foundation Issues

cracked foundation
Crack in a cinder block building foundation

The foundation of a home makes it structurally sound. If the foundation has serious problems, then the rest of the home may not retain its structural integrity. Many events can cause foundation problems – geological issues and excessive water leakage can weaken a foundation. A foundation that allows water into the basement can be a serious problem. While the physical water coming inside is a problem, the effect that water has on the strength of the foundation walls can be quite serious. A weak foundation can cause the home’s structure to sink, bow and crack. There are degrees of structural deficiencies, and the home inspector may recommend that a structural engineer examine the foundation. Home inspectors take foundation issues seriously because the effects can be severe. Many home sellers, home buyers and even realtors do not know what to look for when inspecting a home’s foundation, which is why having a quality home inspector is so important.

A Bad Roof

The roof may be the largest area of the home, and it can have many problems that may have affected the home’s interior. If any part of the roof allows water to pass into the attic, then the probability of toxic mold growing is high. Water may have traveled down between the walls and caused not only mold growth, but also damage to the walls. A bad roof can also cause the roof decking to rot. And while thermal imaging can help detect moisture in the walls, it may be too late for a quick fix. If the roof is bad enough to be replaced, then the inspector has to acknowledge its condition.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues will be a serious concern to home inspectors because of the potential for a fire. Many older homes were not wired to handle all of the modern technology that puts so many demands on an electrical system. Not surprisingly, electrical issues are among the most common home inspection problems found for a variety of reasons. Some homes were constructed with poor electrical work to begin with, while others may have not been updated properly, or without the proper licenses and inspections. Poor quality electrical materials may have been installed, or perhaps “temporary fixes” designed as a short-term fix were never fully repaired. Electrical issues found during a home inspection may not only save the buyer money in costly repairs, but it can also save the buyer and their family from enormous future safety problems.

A home inspector is always concerned with the safety and health of the current and future occupants. Issues that could have an adverse effect on these concerns will be important to discover and report. To make an appointment with Drake Inspections to have a detailed quality home inspection completed, please call 513.658.5420 or use the contact form below to schedule an appointment.

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