Buyer Home Inspection: Why Getting A Home Inspection As A Buyer Is Smart

Home Buyer Inspections In Cincinnati

Buying a home without a home inspection is like buying a car on the internet after seeing only a picture. Homebuyers can see the house, but sometimes they only really see what they want. Buyers can be easily captivated by the cosmetic beauty and spaciousness of a home, but often what buyers cannot see may haunt them for years to come. The best way to prevent expensive surprises is to hire a reputable Cincinnati home inspector, such as Drake Inspections, to inspect the home’s visible and hard to view areas, in order to identify the overall condition of the home, and various repairs that may be needed.

What Does A Home Inspector Look For?

Roof Inspection

A home inspection includes viewing structural items such as the roof and the roof supports. A home’s roof may be inspected to assess its condition and the possibility that it may have allowed water to leak into the home, causing mold to form. The flashings around openings such as skylights may be inspected for the possibility of defects that could allow water to leak into the attic. The home inspection may also include reviewing the amount of insulation in the attic, which may uncover signs of past and current water damage.

Termites & Pest Infestation

A crawlspace may be inspected for stability and signs of termite damage. Pest infestations and dry rot may also be detected. Not only can termites and other pests be a nuisance, but they can be hazardous to the overall structure of the property and may need to be addressed immediately.

HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing

The electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems may also be part of the inspection. These components can be quite costly to replace, so having an idea of the age and current condition of these elements is quite beneficial.


A home inspection may include assessing the condition of the property’s foundation, which might be compromised by water leaks or soil that is sinking. Defects or malfunctions in the home’s structure may also be discovered. A foundation that has water damage may often cause cracks in the home’s exterior surface. Some of these problems may just be cosmetic, but it also may be important to address certain issues that can cause larger problems in the future.


The exterior of the home is another area that requires attention during an inspection. Inspecting the condition of the home’s exterior walls is important; not just for curb appeal, but also because it may show signs of previous and current damage. Gutters may be examined to ascertain whether they are capable of properly draining the rain from the home. Gutters that have pulled away from the mounting surfaces may allow water to run down the home’s exteriors and into the foundation which can be a big problem.

Be Prepared

And something to consider: home inspections aren’t just for home buyers! Getting a seller home inspection completed can help the home buyer tremendously during the negotiation period. As a home buyer, know that the home seller may have already had an inspection and have a response for anything found during the home inspection process.

Quality Cincinnati Home Inspections

No home is perfect, and it is not uncommon for our reports to identify many issues – large and small. However, being aware of these issues allows the buyer to have a better idea of what to expect with their large investment. To set up a detailed buyer home inspection in Cincinnati Ohio, call Drake Inspections at 513.658.5420, or use the contact form below.

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