Cincinnati Home Inspectors: Focus on Foundations

Should I Avoid Homes That Have Foundation Issues?

cracked foundation
Crack in a cinder block building foundation

When setting up a property inspection appointment in Cincinnati, home owners who are about to get a seller home inspection, and prospective home buyers, are often particularly worried about the inspection finding defects in the home’s foundation – they are generally one of the top 3 important issues a home inspector will focus on.

Foundation Issues Are Not Created Equally

And while foundation repairs can be pricey, such a revelation is not the end of the world. All houses settle over time as soil settles and other tectonic shifts make incremental differences in the ground beneath our homes. Hairline fissures in the basement are not always serious issues. If there are cracks, depending on their nature, it may not signify any sort of problem.

Referrals To Foundation Engineers

If my inspection does show that the house has settled unevenly, or more than it should have over time, I may encourage you to invite a foundation engineer to take a look. The foundation engineer will not only be able to provide a qualified second opinion, but will have recommendations on what can be done to ensure the safety and structural health of the home.

Hints There Are Foundation Issues

There are certain telltale signs that a house may have foundation issues. The best-known sign is visible cracks in the foundation or floor. A floor that is not level can also be a cause for concern. If doors have difficulty opening or closing – either by sticking or jamming or failing to latch and falling open – this can also indicate a foundation issue. The same goes for windows – if windows are difficult to open, tough to close fully, or will not stay closed, it may suggest other structural issues.

Sometimes, looking down each foundation wall – either on the inside or outside – can show you whether or not these are straight lines. Checking with a level on any leaning walls can show you if they have bowed or shifted – and indication of expansion or contraction.

We will talk about how water and hydraulic pressure can affect a foundation in a future blog.

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