What to Expect from a First Time Home Buyer Inspection

If this is your first time buying a home, there is lot that may keep you up at night. So many questions, so many new experiences, and so many processes that you have never needed to consider.

Let me help with one of these: the home inspection. You need not worry about the home buyer inspection. Here in Cincinnati, home inspections are fun and straight-forward. Let’s do this.

How I Do Home Inspections

I encourage you to be there with me during the inspection, which will likely take about two to four hours. That way we can address any questions you might have, and I can explain everything I am finding, and what I will include in the inspection report.

There are no stupid questions. Home inspecting is my job, not yours! I do not expect you to come into this inspection with any prior knowledge of this material. Please ask anything, and please don’t worry about subjects you are not familiar with.

I can also offer help and advice on what you or the home seller might do to address any of the home’s issues, be they structural or related to systems like plumbing, electrical, heating, or air conditioning. Read about 3 important issues a home inspector looks for during the inspection. It’s possible that there has been a seller home inspection completed already, and thus the home sellers are aware of some of the issues we uncover in our own home inspection. This can be addressed and perhaps there is a plan already in place for some needed repairs.

Detailed Home Inspection Report

You don’t need to take notes during our inspection, as I will be writing everything down for you, and I will give you a detailed report of everything we find. I take pride in communicating thoroughly, and my report includes a great deal of information that will be specifically pertinent to you as a first time home buyer in Cincinnati. I write in full paragraphs, and describe every issue as well as how critical or non-critical each issue may be.

During the inspection, I will take photographs of every deficiency we find as well, and I will include these in the report I send you. I even provide thermal imaging!

Call For Your First Time Home Buyer Inspection Today

To make an appointment for a home inspection in Cincinnati towns including Mariemont, Lebanon, Mt. Lookout and surrounding areas, please call me at 513.658.5420 or fill out the Drake Inspections contact form.

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