Home Improvements Gone Horribly Awry

There was a Reader’s Digest article that caught our eye recently, and it was all about people attempting to make improvements to their home but missing the mark.  


Some are small repairs that are simply not recommended – using multiple shims rather than one solid piece of wood to stabilize a support beam – while some are annoying inconveniences. A door that slams into the toilet every time because the toilet was mis-measured. 

Several of these photos made us laugh, and I hope the homeowners whose cases appeared were able to find legitimate fixes for their situations. 

What it reminded me, though, is that sometimes a situation calls for a trained professional. Sometimes you need an actual plumber, rather than trying to repair a leak by watching YouTube videos and emulating MacGyver. There are times that an accountant can help you where your friends’ advice cannot. And I would much rather a dentist tend to a sore tooth than, say, a doorknob and a piece of string. 

When it comes to buyer home inspections in Cincinnati, we see a wide range of home repairs intended to cover structural and cosmetic issues with homes. And in most cases, the homeowner – or previous homeowner – has gone about the process responsibly and smartly. 

Occasionally, however, we do see variations on the “bubblegum and duct tape” style of home adjustments. Buyer home inspections, in Cincinnati as well as other locations, can reveal a wide range of DIY handyman solutions and widely varying levels of handyman skill and talent. 

But, remember that sometimes the wisest move is to delegate. Sometimes you can spend a great deal of time half-fixing a problem that professional could solve right away. And when the time comes for you to sell your own house, you would not have shoddy home repairs which taint the results of the buyer home inspection. 

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