A Home Inspection Really Could Have Helped in this Case

A recent story out of Florida’s Tampa Bay area http://www.abcactionnews.com/money/consumer/taking-action-for-you/first-time-homebuyers-left-with-disaster-home-after-skipping-the-inspection- drove home, to us, the necessity of hiring a home inspector to review any property before the purchase begins. 

In the story, a young couple, Jacob and Amy Pinder, find a house on Zillow that is marked as move-in ready. They walk through the house themselves, and see no signs of the massive, systemic termite infestation that is destroying the foundation and bones of the house. 

In actuality, it appears that the real estate agent selling the home obscured – certainly did not mention – the fact that a previous inspection had shown evidence of pests. 

And while it may be tempting to rely upon the word of the listing agent, a buyer simply should not make an offer on a house without reading the results of a full inspection by a certified home inspector. The verification that a licensed, InterNACHI-certified home inspector can bring to the process is not only peace of mind – though that is always a welcome addition – but it is a detailed, point-by-point review of everything a homeowner may want to know about the health of the structure, the foundation, the roof, and mechanical systems, of the house. 

If you live in the Cincinnati area and have any questions about the home inspection process, please call us at 513-658-5420. We can explain every aspect of the services we provide, and help walk you through the first steps of the inspection process if this is your first time. A home inspector agrees to be honest and thorough when he or she agrees to the ethical standards of our professional association, InterNACHI, and our involvement early in the home-buying process can prevent any nightmare scenarios like this one in Florida from happening. 

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