Home Inspectors Are Using Drone Technology

In the business of home inspections services, keeping up to date with the latest technological advances is an important part of the job. Recently, advancements made in the field of flying drones have made a considerable impact in our field.

Drones For Home Inspections

As drones are becoming more common in a wide range of professions – from video production to security to package delivery and more – the price point for drones has dropped dramatically. The use of these smart flying machines has become widespread, and online courses are popping up each week that promise to teach new users how to fly these remote-control mini-copters.

As you might imagine, visually inspecting the roof is an important aspect of home inspections services. And having a robotic, airborne assistant to look for loose shingles can help tremendously. Cracks, fissures, weather damage, cracked caulk, and other roof issues are can be difficult to see from the ground or just by looking out a window. Walking the roof is a smart move for some parts of the structure, but often safety and design considerations do not allow us to get onto all of the roof. And frequently there are parts of the roof that are not visible from the ground.

Moss and lichen, which often indicate roof decay, are also easier to see from the vantage point of a drone’s high-resolution camera. Rust spots on flashing may be difficult to see from far away, but a drone can get close and capture the footage. Cracks in cement chimney caps are often visible only from above the chimney.

We here at Drake Inspections find these tech advancements to be thrilling. It wasn’t many years ago that thermal imaging cameras were cutting edge technology. While still not widespread, they are much more prevalent now. It is a tool I now count on. We look forward to seeing what other new tools may assist us twenty years from now. Until then, getting more accurate and detailed information for your home purchase is our priority, and our pleasure.

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