Why Home Sellers Need to Manage Their Home Inspections

Selling your home is, at its core, a negotiation. Any time you negotiate, whether it is for a raise at work, for favorable terms in a business deal, or for a reasonable price on a car purchase, it helps to know as much as you can. You want to know the exact Blue Book value. You need to learn about previous deals the partnering company has made. Getting a seller home inspection can help.

Benefits Of A Cincinnati Home Seller Inspection

With your home, you have the advantage in the negotiation. You can prepare yourself. Your goal is to have no surprises at any step of the process – and, truly, there is no need for you to be surprised. By taking control and answering every possible question, you put yourself in an ideal negotiating position.

Knowing every flaw and weakness about your home is the smart move. Even if you cannot fix every minor issue, you want to know every small detail before your buyer does.

We know Cincinnati home inspectors: they will find defects in the buyer home inspection, no matter how small. To get the upper hand, you want to have a full inventory of these issues first, and prepare yourself to address the buyers’ concerns.

Home Seller Inspections Can Help With Negotiations

The timing of the home inspection factors into this process. The buyer home inspection will almost always happen after you have negotiated a purchase price. If the buyer’s home inspector uncovers any issues you have not yet discussed – be they with insulation, foundation, wiring, roof repair, or anything else – the door is open for re-negotiation. You do not want that door to open.

I will identify defects and deficiencies that a buyer home inspection would likely find. I will recommend that you fix the smaller issues my home inspection reveals. If there is a larger problem that you do not want to pay to remedy, then you can get a repair estimate. This way, you can prove to the buyer that you were already aware of the issue, and you adjusted your asking price accordingly.

Schedule A Cincinnati Seller Home Inspection Today

As a Cincinnati home inspector, the information you find in my home inspection report can help you negotiate. I can supply you with tools that you need to get the best price for your home by providing you with additional knowledge. Call Drake Inspections today 513.658.5420 to get a detailed Cincinnati seller home inspection, or use the form below.

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