Powderpost Beetles in Home Inspections

Here’s something to consider when you are thinking about getting a Cincinnati home inspection: In Cincinnati, powderpost beetles are surprisingly common. A home inspector should look for all types of wood-destroying insects when surveying your home, and at Drake Inspections we take these insects very seriously. While I often hear more about termites and carpenter ants here in the Tri-State, powderpost beetles are a cause for concern.

How Powderpost Beetles Harm Homes

These beetles bore into wood, and turn that wood into a thin powder that looks a bit like cooking flour. As the beetles feed, they create thin tunnels. The adult beetles lay their eggs under the surface of unfinished wood, and the resulting larvae burrow in, only to emerge years later. Summertime is the season that adult powderpost beetles crawl out of the wood and leave new exit holes on the surface. You may see holes where the beetles have chewed their way out of the wood.

The beetles themselves range between 0.1 and 0.8 inches in length, and the damage they can do to the wood of a house can be extensive. And since powderpost beetles can nest not just in foundations but in ceilings, walls, and floors, their impact can be widespread. There are more the sixty different species that scientists refer to as powderpost beetles, and any of them, if left to prosper, can impact the structure of a home.

Cincinnati home inspectors take special care to look for signs of powderpost beetles, partly due to how the beetles thrive in this region.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections Are Important

Detecting a powderpost beetle infestation early is the surest way to avoid structural damage. If you are a homeowner, whether or not you are preparing to sell your property and move forward with a home seller inspection, it is worthwhile to have a home inspection that searches for these insects and other wood destroying insects.

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