4 Questions To Ask During Your Home Inspection

For a home inspection in Cincinnati, there are many ways to approach the process as the home-buyer. Part of my job as home inspector is to guide you through, and explain what each step entails, and what each potential issue really means.

I very much want you to join me for the inspection and walk-through, because I want you to get that first-hand knowledge, and to see with your own eyes what I’m seeing and what concerns me.

What should you ask as you go? It’s a great question to keep in mind.

Here are a few questions to ask your Home Inspector:

1. “Can you show me right where that is?”

Of course I can and will. I use my flashlight as a pointer when I am showing you an issue. Asking me to point out what I’m referring to, and specifically show you in exact detail, will help make sense of the often subtle differences that may send up a red flag. This will also help you when, after the inspection, you go home and review the full written report I sent to you. There will be a photo with arrows or a circle to pinpoint the defect.

2. “Which would you fix first?”

Having a sense for the order of priorities will help. Sometimes an issue is an easy, $10 fix with some piece you can buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Sometimes, it’s a small thing that you don’t need to fix yet – you just need to be aware that it will need attention in the future.

3. “Is that covered under home warranty?”

You will want to have a home warranty plan, and to keep that plan in effect. Understanding the kinds of issues such a warranty covers – or can cover – can save you money and prevent headaches.

 4. “Can you show me how that works?”

Some systems will be ones you rarely come into contact with. I can show you how they each operate, so that you can test for yourself whether or not it is functioning.

Any home inspection in Cincinnati is certain to reveal a bevy of issues. Getting a sense for the relative urgency of each can help you manage your expectations, and make the best use of our time together. To schedule your inspection or talk more, please call me at 513-658-5420 or fill out the online contact form. Happy house hunting!

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