What About Sewer Inspections in Cincinnati?

Here in the Tri-State, sewer inspections are something to consider when shopping for a new home. These inspections can be done in conjunction with a buyer home inspection, and can generally be performed by many area plumbing companies. 

Such inspections are not intrusive, and they can happen at the same time as a standard home inspection if scheduling permits. You do not need to notify the seller, and the sewer inspection generally does nothing to alter or damage the property in any way. There are anecdotes online of sewer plugs being nicked during an inspection, but the sewer inspector can replace a damaged plug if that happens. 

Recently constructed homes are less likely to have sewer problems, but older homes will often have leaky pipes or damaged or clogged sewer lines. Confirming the condition of the home’s connection with the city’s sewer system can prevent major repairs later, after your home purchase. 

You may think of the sewer inspection like a colonoscopy for the home. The sewer inspector runs a camera through the network of pipes to make sure everything is running as it should, and that there no major obstructions or places where pipes are in need of repair or replacement.  

A home buyer inspection does not include non visible sewer pipes and drain lines, so it is worth considering having an plumbing contractor perform an inspection. It could save you money in the long run. 

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