What Would Thermal Imaging Add To My Home Inspection?

Throughout the greater Cincinnati area, I offer infrared imaging during buyer and seller home inspections. Infrared imaging, also referred to as thermal imaging, is a technology which in the right conditions shows us hot spots, cold spots, air infiltration, and other issues that could undermine the home’s insulation and drive up heating and air conditioning costs.

What Is Thermal Imaging?

We have all seen movies with heat-detection cameras, in which a hunter or soldier dons a special set of eyewear to see in the dark and observe the heat given off by living objects. The thermal imaging camera is precisely that sophisticated and stylish. We look through its display to see any anomalies in the temperatures of the walls, ceilings, and floors.

What Can Thermal Imaging Find?

There is so much we can observe with the infrared technology, which our eyes alone would not be able to detect. The anomalies can help identify roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and the type of moisture that can undermine a house’s foundation. On double-paned windows, we can see if any seals are damaged. The images can help determine if insulation is broken, or damp, or missing.

The viewfinder also shows us hot spots. These hot spots might be circuits that are overloaded, in which case we may prevent an electrical fire. The heat flares may be overheated electrical equipment, which can be replaced before any issues arise. If a circuit breaker needs to be replaced, it may show up as a hot spot in the infrared display.

Subtle variations in the heat signature may show us where termites or other wood-destroying insects have been. They may also indicate where larger pests, like rats or raccoons, have burrowed into the home’s foundation. The thermal imaging home inspection may also reveal leaks in the flue, which if unchecked could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Certainly, it is always best to find any of these irregularities as early as possible.

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