Who Does Thermal Imaging Home Inspection in Cincinnati?

Infrared inspection (also called thermal imaging) is something not every home inspector provides. But when you are researching inspectors and getting ready for a home inspection in Cincinnati, it is a feature to ask about.

Thermal Imaging For Moisture Detection

I use thermal imaging primarily to identify moisture problems. It is not practical to check every inch of the walls and ceilings with a moisture meter (which requires contact with the surface). In the right conditions, the camera will identify thermal anomalies, which point me where to further assess with the meter. It might identify moisture penetration behind a finished wall in the basement. I’ve seen a leaking pipe to a water spigot that was behind a finished wall. Can it see wet insulation in an attic from a leaking roof? Yup. An area of wet carpet in the corner of the basement, where the fireplace chimney flashing had been leaking and water snuck all the way down to the basement.

Thermal imaging cannot predict how conditions will be in the future, merely how they are at the time of inspection. That is true of any type of inspection, actually. An inspection is at a point in time.

What Kind Of Thermal Imaging?

Some inspectors use an inexpensive phone app, with questionable sensitivity and resolution. Even an inspector who has a legitimate thermal camera may not have the training to interpret the data from the camera. You should make sure the inspector is trained and certified to use the camera and interpret its findings. Whenever we do a home inspection in Cincinnati, we take special care with the thermal imaging to explain what each anomaly might mean. What is that cool spot? What is the density of the color? Is it moisture? Or is it an air leak in a duct?

In this day and age, it is in our best interest to use each technology within our grasp to understand the condition of a home. We here at Drake Inspections would love to opportunity to discuss what we can do to help you identify your future home.

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