Top Client Concerns in a Cincinnati Home Inspection

When performing a home inspection in Cincinnati, there are certain issues we know most concern our clients.

Structural problems

cracked foundation found during home inspection
Crack in a cinder block building foundation

These are issues that are not always evident at first glance. It may be a subtle bowing in a foundation wall. Or column supports that are slightly out of plumb. And correcting major foundation issues can be expensive. But some things that look threatening, cracks, for example, may just be a result of the natural settling processes. We can help determine that the scary thing you saw is not significant. But that the other thing you didn’t recognize, is.

Leaking roof

Some roof leaks may call for a new roof and a big repair cost. Others may just require replacing a few shingles or addressing the flashing, though. Along with the big range of causes comes a big range of possible costs to repair.

Leaking basement

Finding that the foundation is allowing water to enter the basement is never a happy piece of news. The array of causes could be as simple as clogged gutters, or as big as a back yard grade that is shedding massive amounts of surface water to the foundation.

Don’t Panic!

Finding any of these defects in the home being inspected shouldn’t necessarily the proverbial “deal breaker”. Almost any defect can be repaired, and very seldom is a home so far beyond redemption that the immediate recommendation is to walk away. That is not to say you should ignore any defects that are found. But this home had qualities that you found desirable. You have an interest in making it work, as do the sellers. Neither of you wants to start over: you with another home or they with a new buyer. Find out what it will take to correct the issues, and maybe you and the seller can find common ground to make it all work.

We at Drake Inspections would love to help you. Home inspections in Cincinnati is our specialty, and we enjoy our job. Please ask us any questions you may have at 513-658-5420, or use our contact form to tell us about your situation. Thank you!

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