What Does a Cincinnati Home Inspection Cover?

You have done your research, looked for the best Cincinnati home inspector for your needs, and found the home you are interested in purchasing. It’s a big committment! Understanding the state of a home – how many repairs it may require, how solid and stable its condition is or is not – is an essential part of the home buying process. My goal as your home inspector is to make this part of the process as transparent and easy as possible for you.

Here are some of the main checkpoints in my home inspection:


Any insulation elements we can see are a crucial part of our work, especially in Cincinnati. The Tri-State gets harsh winters and humid summers, and any comfortable home needs to be properly insulated.

Heating and cooling

Hand in hand with the insulation, the HVAC system is an essential part of a Cincinnati home.


The interior plumbing systems are also a factor given our freezing and thawing cycles each year. We will look at the integrity of the pipes, and the entirety of your home’s “circulatory system.” We do not inspect exterior plumbing, e.g. septic tanks.


Looking at the safety of your wiring and outlets will help determine if repairs or updates are needed.

Doors and windows

Doors and door frames, windows (and the relative insulation of those windows) are all subject to inspection.

Attic and basement

Whether these are “finished” and livable spaces or not, we will check them thoroughly.


A home is only as strong as its foundation, and we will help you determine how strong the base of your structure is.

Surfaces (ceilings, floors, walls)

When analyzing the condition of ceilings, floors, and walls, we are looking not just at the structural health, and the mold or lack thereof, and at cracks and seams. We are also evaluating the shape of the carpets, wallpapering, paint, and other surface coverings.

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