What Termite Inspections Mean to a Home Buyer

A termite is only about a half-inch long, but its presence in a home can have a massive impact. As a prospective home buyer — particularly as a first time home buyer – it is crucial to know if a house is plagued with termites.

Termite Damage, The Report and Home Insurance

Damage from termites is far more common than damage from flooding, hurricanes, or tornadoes. Many buyers are surprised to learn that termites’ impact is not only widespread, but far more destructive than that of most natural disasters. While tornado damage is usually easy to spot, the harm caused by wood destroying insects in Cincinnati is much more difficult to see. Foundations can crumble, and load-bearing walls can turn into hollow, flaking husks.

Home insurance policies rarely cover termite damage, so it is imperative that you know the results of any wood destroying insect inspection. Given the climate and soil content in Cincinnati, a buyer home inspection is a necessity.

The home inspector’s report will describe existing infestations and damage, but will also detail any areas that look likely to have future infestations. Anywhere that moisture can collect in the house’s lower areas will raise red flags. If the foundation has points of open access, this will be cause for concern as well.

We Found Termites. What Does It Mean?

If a home has termites, it does not necessarily mean that a home buyer should avoid the purchase. Pest control companies can fix issues or stave off potential crises, and often the seller can remove any infestations before the sale is made. If repairs are not part of the deal, then termite damage may result in a reduction in the home’s price.

Drake Inspections has years of experience identifying such areas of concern, and will explain to you, in detail, precisely what you need to know about the inspection. Photographs and descriptions will provide clear and detailed information on what problems exist, what those problems may look like if they go uncorrected, and what such corrections would involve. To make an appointment for a detailed home inspection in Cincinnati, please call 513.658.5420 or use the contact form below.

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