What To Look For When Choosing A Home Inspector In Cincinnati

Several considerations should affect your selection of a home inspector, and one of the most important is membership in the National Association of Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) which requires members to pass a certification exam. Members also agree to adhere to the highest professional standards and abide by a Code of Ethics. The organization requires continuing education for its members, which is necessary to keep updated with the latest technology used in homes construction and home inspection.

Looking for the best home inspector for your big purchase?

The following are seven additional considerations for choosing a home inspector in Cincinnati:

1. A great home inspector should provide sample reports showing what they look for and how they report problems. A complete explanation of the problems, their significance, and a description of how they might be addressed is also important. Embedded photographs are essential elements of a good report.

2. Ask about the inspector’s experience and qualifications, and inquire about the specialized training they have. Determine if the inspector does inspections full-time.

3. Choose an inspector who wants you to be present during the inspection. Clients will get a much better understanding of problems if they see them rather than just read about them. If an inspector does not want the client around at all, then move on.

4. Ask for an explanation of what will be inspected and won’t be inspected. The inspector should provide you with a written Inspection Agreement, which will delineate the scope and terms of the inspection, and it should be provided to you to review well before you meet on site.

5. Ask for proof of liability insurance. If the company has employees, ask for proof of workman’s compensation insurance. You could be held liable for employee injuries if the company does not have this insurance.

6. Be certain to get references, from friends and family, social media, testimonials and other reliable sources.

7. Keep in mind that hiring the cheapest inspector is probably going to be a bad idea, because a high-quality inspection and report will cost more money than a low-quality inspection. Cutting corners here could cost you a lot more than the small amount extra for a quality inspection. What might a missed problem with the foundation or an electrical panel cost you?

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