Why You Should Have A Wood Destroying Insect Inspection With Your Home Inspection

A home inspection should include a wood-destroying insect inspection because these insects can do a lot of structural damage and many homeowners fail to realize it. Certainly buyers should have this inspection, but sellers who choose to have a seller home inspection should as well. If buyers find a wood destroying insect issue, they may either walk away from the deal, or they will offer a much lower price for the home.

A Cincinnati home inspection by Drake Inspections may include looking for the following wood destroying insects:

Common Wood Destroying Insects

>Drywood termites
>Subterranean termites
>Carpenter ants
>Carpenter bees
>Powderpost beetles

Although home inspectors can look for all of these insects, a unique inspection technique may be required for each of these insects. The inspector should have knowledge of the insects’ habitat and their feeding patterns.

Brick Homes Are Not Immune

Many buyers do not believe that brick or masonry homes will have termite infestation and damage, but these homes have components made of wood such as framing, flooring, flooring supports and even furniture. Brick or masonry homes are not termite proof. Newly built homes can also have insect infestation and damage. Buyers of a newly constructed home should ask the seller if the home has been pretreated for termites.

More Than Just Termites

Termites are the most common wood-destroying insect, and subterranean termites cause 95 percent of all termite damage in North America resulting in over $2 billion in damages yearly. The colonies found in homes can contain up to 1 million termites! But there are other insects that destory wood – not just termites.

Wood-destroying insects are almost impossible for the homeowner to find. Even more difficult is identifying the damage these insects cause until so much damage is done that it cannot be ignored. Termite damage is particularly hard to identify. Many homes experience problems with their floors or wall supports before the wood-eating insects are found.

Find Existing Insect Damage & Potential Damage

A home inspection that includes a wood destroying insect inspection will not only find any insects that are in the home, but the inspection can assess the extent of the damage caused. Termites living in the ground will eventually find their way into the home, so it is important that these be found before they gain entrance. The inspection will also identify the treatment plan required to eliminate the insects. Often, the damage repair must be assessed by a licensed structural engineer.

Drake Inspections provides thorough home inspecitons that include uncovering possible wood destroying insect issues. If you are looking for a residential home inspection in Cincinnati, call Drake Inspections today at 513.658.5420 or use our contact form to get more information.



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