Wood Destroying Insects in Cincinnati

Any home made of wood is susceptible to insect infestations. Here in Cincinnati, given the climate, the soil, and age of the homes, we need to be particularly careful with our home inspections.


Termites are the most famous of the wood termitedestroying insects, and for good reason. They are the most common pest that nests in the structure of a home. Termite inspection is a necessary step when preparing for a home sale, but is a smart move whether or not you are preparing to buy or sell a home.

While inspections are often called termite inspections, the termites are just one of the creatures that Cincinnati home inspectors will look for. Several other wood destroying insects are fairly common in southern Ohio.

Carpenter Bees & Carpenter Ants

Carpenter bees and carpenter ants are both very common in Cincinnati, and factor into any home inspection. Unlike termites, these insects do not actually eat the wood. They merely make their nests in the wood. In doing so, however, they can still cause a good deal of damage. Carpenter ants enjoy making their nests in rotting wood, so if you have any surfaces exposed to moisture – areas with ivy or other vegetation, or wooden windowsills, or even siding – they could be susceptible to carpenter ants. Carpenter bees make little circular holes for their nests, and these holes attract woodpeckers, who may peck at your wooden surfaces trying to eat those bees. Either way, these holes are relatively easy to address if they turn up in a home inspection.

At Drake Inspections, we make your safety our top concern, and take the time to explain all aspects of wood destroying insects along the way. To make an appointment for a detailed home inspection, please call 513.658.5420 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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