Working With Realtors

I know, I know: you do not see us as “Home Inspectors”, you see us as “Deal Killers”. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not? Let me tell you.

My Job Is To Inspect The Home & Create An Inspection Report

Yes, I need to find the defects and deficiencies – whether I am doing a buyer home inspection or even a seller home inspection. And yes I need to report them. The key is how I talk about them with the buyer while on site, and how I write them up in the report. In both the conversations and in the wording in the written inspection report, I take great care to educate the client about the issue at hand, describe why it is significant, offer some options for addressing it, and explain what can happen if it is not corrected. The key is these include “threshold of pain” conversations. Do not be overwhelmed if a number of items are found. Focus on the cost and energy required to correct them. Let’s make clear, the difference between a list of eight things that a handyman will be able to fix for $900 dollars, and a single thing like a structural issue that will require an engineer and an army of contractors to correct. Check out my blog post about 3 important issues a home inspector looks for during the inspection.

My goal is to make the buyer fully informed of any issues with the home, not to be intimidated by them.

A Home Inspector Who Respects The Job Of A Realtor

Another thing you might appreciate: when the clients ask me if they should go back to the seller to demand a change in price or to have them pay for the repairs, I quickly tell them that it is not my place to give them that sort of advice. That is why they are working with you. You represent them, and they should rely on your experience and expertise for advice on how to best proceed with the sellers.

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